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   Joseph Merkel

Director 2006-2010

Joseph Merkel- Life Member in 2003

How may we help you?


Our Goal- To "Evaluate and Generate Effective Sales",

Our Motto- "A Progressive Company with Traditional Values"


Our Commitment- To handle our clients assets

in the manner defined, by virtue of our contract, with them. "Always seeking the greatest market values"


Our Success- "We Create Bidding Wars"

We have numerous awards, feature reviews of our company, references and letters from former clients available, upon request.



Very satisfied customer,

R. Slane-May 7th, 2019

"I've been collecting antiques for some 40 yrs. and have worked with many auctioneers. My opinion, from my heart, I can say Joseph Merkel has such a wide range of knowledge and experience in his field, which is truly endless. His work ethic for each client is always 100%. His HONESTY....INTEGRITY...and CARING of each and every customer, he services, is Exceptional! Such qualities are so lacking these days in many professions. What a True and Rare Gem he is! I would trust him with everything I own... so can you. 





Written Appraisal are used for Business Liquidations, Court Ordered Evaluations, Estate Planning and Trusts. This type of Appraisal is most common as those who have us perform them need current market values established. Once complete, depending on the reason for the appraisal, we may be called to assist in selling the appraised assets.  A Individual or Family Trust, usually intends to pass on some or all of the assets we appraise.

Written Appraisals can range from simple to very detailed depending on the needs of the Attorney, Institution, Trust Department,  or Individual requesting the written appraisal. 


As with all professionally written appraisals, our fee is NOT based on value but rather set at an hourly fee.


Call us to discuss your situation and needs. If we are not best suited to meet you needs, we will refer you to other appraisers we know in the industry.





"Merkel Auction Specialists came to our assistance when we needed to liquidate a failed borrower's inventory and equipment.  Joe and his crew were quick, very well organized,  thorough and showed an unexpected expertise in the materials being sold. Bringing collateral to auction is never a good situation for a bank but the proceeds from the Merkel Auction Specialists' sale exceeded our expectations.  We would not hesitate to use them again if a situation required it."

Jim Wolfington

Vice President

Chelsea State Bank



We have successfully Sold and Auctioned Real Property of all types. Commercial, Industrial, Vacant Land and Residential Properties have all been sold by us over the last 20 years. What makes our approach truly different is that we identify the potential buyer's first and then create an effective marketing plan...

In 2017, Joseph joined forces with his wife Tina and Howard Hanna to form "The Merkel Team". 

Where Hitting The Target Counts...EVERYTIME!!!

We utilize Traditional Listing Methods for Residential, Agricultural and Commercial Properties. 

When appropriate, We utilize the Accelerated Method of Marketing.... The Auction Method. Both work well and we tailor our marketing plan to meet your needs..


On several occassions, when our client did not want to have a public auction, we implimented and used a plan created by Mr. Merkel from years of experience, as a Realtor, to deliver "very successfully" results.

One such case happened when we were asked to traditionally list a home and lots on a prominent lake. We created an "Auction" Envirornment without every calling a bid, creating (7) cash offers in (5)hours, ALL at or above the listing prices. Needless to say our "Client" and the heirs were extremely happy. The only question asked by the family was, "How did you do that?" We often think outside of the box, creating effective marketing that produces desired results .

John & Mary Miles, Real Property Owners

Saline, Michigan

Mr. Merkel's extra hard work to do much more advertising, coaching the owner for preparing and making repairs to the home & property, put him far above all other auctioneers. 

He puts money in your pocket and gives you a piece of mind, instead of worrying for months about realtors trying to sell your home & property while you're still maintaining it, paying utilities, insurance & taxes on it.

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