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Completed Projects

Here is a sampling of our past auctions... CLICK Play Arrow in bottom right corner of any photo group....
We worked closely in conjunction with the Court Appointed Attorney/Receiver, The Lending Institution, and the Legal Process to effectively liquidate the tangible assets. When we were first called to look at this project, we quickly realized this would be complex and require significant planning and preparation. A detailed plan was devised, executed and a very successful auction occured on 12/6/2014.
  • The inventory was located in (3) different retial locations

  •  Auction Day - 700+ Buyer's attended this event.

  • 2 Auction Rings- Sold 1500+ lots in 8 hours.

  • "Net" proceeds delivered to receiver in less than 14 days.

  • "A Very Successful Event"...

This event proves that "New/Old" Stock Inventory sold at public auction is a very effective method to yield a reasonable (ROI) Return on Investment in less than 60 Days. Catalogued Lots are attached at the bottom of this page in (PDF) Format. Numerous additional un-catalogued lots were also sold.



We Catalogued and conducted 2 different Auctions in 2014 comprised of Firearms and related collectibles from (5) different Estates. Prices ranged from a few hundred dollars into the thousands, for a few fine specimens. The weapons in these respective collections were both American & European ranging in age from the Civil War thru the Modern Era. A few highlights of firearms from these sales are shown in the slideshow. As with all collectibles, better quality and scarcely encountered items brought premiums, at auction.

All 5 estates, represented, were very happy with our marketing and results at public auction. If you have a collection in need of proper marketing, we are capable and knowledgeable in the field of firearms. We are a FFL Licensed Dealer who handles all the necessary paperwork to properly transfer firearms. Cataloged Lots are attached at the bottom of this page in (PDF) Format.


After 104 years of business, at the same location, the owner decided to retire. The sale included lifelong collections of Advertising, Animal Mounts, Antiques and Business Equipment. Patrons and life-long friends turned out to aggressively bid on many of the treasures collected and displayed by the previous owners. The highlight of the sale was arguably the "Wolverine" which has been donated to the University of Michigan and will appear as part of a long-term display. The media interviewed several of those in attendance and we understand this production was well received. We included some photos, in the slide show, to show some of the history and one photo of the last day... We also coordinated and negotiated the contract that ultimately led to the sale of the Real Estate for this client. Catalogued Lots are attached at the bottom of this page in (PDF) Format. More than 700 additional un-catalogued lots were also sold, on auction day.



We were honored when selected by this family to liquidate a lifetime of Antiques and Fine Collectibles in this period home which was placed on the National Historic Home Registry.

The anticipation for this auciton event was great and so were the results... Quality Period Antiques throughout this home, including Victorian Textiles and Decorative Items encouraged several hundred buyers to participate via Phone, Absentee and Live Bidding. When it was all done, this stately Victorian home filled with numerous antiquities, was cleared of its' contents and the owner was very satisfied with the results of our marketing efforts.

"Buyer's didn't hesitate as Quality always sells well"...



Business Asset Downsizing is commonplace. When owners acknowledge climate change, in their specific industires, we are often able to step in, helping them generate revenues and making the neccessary changes within their business model. Both modern and older business assets have a value in the secondary marketplace and it is our job to find buyers who understand both current and trending market values.

Working closely with the Business Owner and Lender, we were able to create an auction that satisfied the needs of both.



When a partnership decided to close a successful business operation, after nearly 20 years, we were called to evaluate the assets and Real Estate.

A few months later, we successfully sold the inventory, new/old stock materials, professional tools and Real Property,(Real Estate). This auction had absentee bids from our internet exposure, phone bids and live "in person" buyers. (2) Large buildings were cleared of equipment, tools of the woodworking trade, speciality stock items, displays, trailers and vehicles.

We recently conducted (2) Different Estate Coin Collections. One had been kept on large bank vault boxes since the 1960's containing U.S. Gold Coins, U.S. Silver Coins and Bank Notes.  The other collection had been assembled over approximately 40 years and contained both "raw" and Professionally Graded U.S. Coins and Currency. Both sales were well attended and the better items brought premiums over "Grey Sheet" values. Quality coins and currency are always "hot" and in demand items. We have found numerous investors seeking to diversify their traditional holdings and rate of return on investment. Coins & Currency, in high grade, are always sought by collectors and we have the ability and mailing list to reach these desired buyers. If your client or family has a collection, give us a call to discuss.

Above is a slideshow containing a few of the many times we have graced the cover of industry publications, praised for our abilities, efficiencies and successful auctions.

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