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Our Team

A hard-working company, grounded in traditional principals, who is based in Michigan. We offer our clients experience and excellent knowledge of the items we sell. Our work begins with our first meeting and does not end until settlement day. We Meet, Plan, Research, Market and Sell assets of all types. Our specialty is turning Tangible Collectibles into cash. Firearm Collections, Coin Collections, Fine Estate Jewelry and Lifelong Specialized Collections are at the very center of our business plan and approach.  Private Placement, Sealed Bid, Request for Proposal, Webcast Auctions and Live "Open Cry" Auctions are methods utilized to yield desired results. 2019 marks a big year of change in our business as we are building our own platform so buyer's throughout the world can bid.

Joseph Merkel, President & CEO, of Merkel's Auction Specialists, Inc. has been involved in evaluating assets and auction sales since his childhood. 

His experience and dynamic style has afforded him numerous opportunities as a speaker, public appraiser and educator. His broad knowledge is appreciated by those who have hired him as he is competent in the fields of Commercial and Industrial Assets, Real Estate, Firearms, Antiques and Vintage Collectibles. Mr. Merkel served as Director of the Michigan Auctioneers Association(2006-2010) and, Since 2003, a Life Member of the National Auctioneers Association. His business is constantly evolving, keeping up with fast moving technology, and successfully producing "Auction" events to be remembered. 

If you are looking for a company that is beyond reproach and competent, Merkel's Auction Specialists, Inc. is one such company...

Numerous references available from past clients and attorneys. Contact us to see how we may help you.

Joseph Merkel
President & CEO

Our Staff is why we are successful.

Having competent individuals to oversee the details, we are able to handle larger projects which culminate in a "successful auction".

We regularly receive compliments from patrons about our customer service and polite disposition. Our management quickly attends to any issues that may arise during the auction process and handles them seemlessly, behind the scenes.

We always offer, "Friendly, Prompt, Professional Service".

The type of auction we are selling always dictates our presentation and attire for the event. We understand we are charged with creating a produciton that produces results for our clients. From  Boots and Ballcap to Tuxedo, our lead auctioneer has worn them all. If you have not seen our staff in action, plan on attending one of our upcoming auction events. We promise you'll like how we handle auctions and the patrons who frequent them.

How may we help you?

“We always bring "common sense" and an "open mind" to every project we work on. Our experience and proven marketing techniques, offers you the best chance for a successful auction. So what are you waiting for, call us to discuss your project." 

Joseph Merkel, President & CEO, Merkel's Auction Specialists, Inc.

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